Waterfalls are the most impressive gift of nature. Surrounded by big walls of rock, dense forests and lush green trees. Few of the astonishing waterfalls and among the mightiest are Shimoga's Jog Falls and Kerala's Athirapally Falls which jumpstart with the onset of the monsoons. The Dudhsagar Falls, named because they resemble a sea of milk, is a highlight in Goa. And with a towering height of 1,100 metres, the Nohkalikai Falls is the tallest of plunge falls in India, creating quite a spectacle for tourists

Smoke Cascades of India - Dhuandhar Falls

The Dhuandhar Waterfall is created by the Narmada river flowing through the beautiful marble rocks that Jaba... Read More >

Best Season :October - March

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Jewel of the Western Ghat - Dudhsagar Falls

Dudhsagar Falls, a magnificent four tiered waterfall is perched in the high peaks of the western Ghats and i... Read More >

Best Season :November - February

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